Solar Products

Solar ProductsTypically available in NitroSil, PyroQuartz, Pyro220 or PyroSil. Other materials available by special request. Fused quartz is considered the “gold standard” for crucibles/containers used in the processing of silicon-metal feed stock into polycrystalline, solar-grade ingots. Chemical inertness, remarkable resistance to thermal shock and high chemical purity are some of the material properties that make fused quartz so attractive for this application.

Pyromatics offers an extensive range of MOLDED fused-quartz crucibles, basins and trays for the containment of molten silicon during the crystal growing process. Containers range in size/shape and can be either clear or opaque. Custom sizes and shapes are also available. Container-material purity is controlled by the grade of the fused-quartz selected; generally the high-purity or semiconductor grades are preferred.

Pyromatics’ MOLDED fused quartz is characterized as bubble-free across the entire wall-thickness of the crucible. Whereas, arc-fused products exhibit a variable cross-sectional density and are considered bubble-free only on the inner surface. The mechanical and thermal properties of MOLDED products are, therefore, considered isotropic, constant and predictable.


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