PyroSil material was specially engineered for the ultra-pure calcination of powdered materials. This material retains all the outstanding attributes of high purity fused quartz while dramatically enhancing its chemical and thermal stability. It has proven to last significantly longer in high temperature powder purification processes i.e. television phosphors and superconductive precursors.

In addition to an order of magnitude improvement in high temperature sag resistance, PyroSil has outstanding resistance to devitrification, particularly in hostile environments. It also provides the capability to quickly change from extremely high temperatures to low temperatures without cracking or breaking from thermal shock.

Even more dramatic is the inertness of the PyroSil surface. In contrast with the 'thirsty', reactive, broken bond surface of fused quartz, the surface of PyroSil does not react with polar molecules.

PyroSil is bone white and translucent in appearance. It can function as a reflective heat shield against thermal radiation and as a diffuser to help achieve more uniform heating.

Pyromatics' PyroSil products are presently available in the form of trays, dishes and crucibles, with or without lids. With its unique combination of physical and chemical properties, it will meet or exceed the most demanding application requirements.

Custom sizes are available. FAX or e-mail us your specifications today and allow us to help reduce your operating cost.


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