Pyromatics offers high purity PyroQuartz products for a wide variety of demanding applications.  PyroQuartz products are formed by a precision powder technology and sintered to full density using a patented Pyromatics process involving controlled thermal conditions.
By producing a molded fused quartz product, Pyromatics products are able to outperform any hand-welded assembled product. Tests performed in wafer cleaning and etching processes in the semiconductor industry resulted in increased purity levels thus increasing product yields.
In recent years, usage of Pyromatics products has spread to laboratories and other industries where there is an increasing awareness and demand for high purity products in contamination-free environments.

As you are striving for the ultimate in "clean" wafer fab process and laboratory environments, Pyromatics vessels, chambers and components are your answer. With Pyromatics you eliminate the particle shedding and oxide films inherent with exposed metal surfaces. The dense microstructure and surface integrity of Pyromatics products overcome the particle and impurity impregnation problems common with all plastics. With Pyromatics, the fundamental attributes of extreme purity, chemical compatibility and outstanding thermal properties are combined in monolithic, homogeneous, strain free, high strength, molded structures that consistently outperform alternatives and ruggedly survive in severe daily production environments.

WIDE VARIETY: The unique patented Pyromatics quartz molding processes make it possible to produce a broad range of shapes and sizes.

HIGH PURITY: Pyromatics semiconductor grade clear and opaque fused quartz products are molded from materials that are 99.995% minimum purity silica glass.  They are virtually free of trace elements.

ECONOMICAL: Seamless one-piece construction dramatically lowers cost when compared to costly failures of hand-fabricated items.

MOLDED TO SIZE: Consistent dimensional control and uniform wall thickness.  No welded seams in principal body to create weak or stress areas susceptible to distortion and breakage.

THERMAL SHOCK RESISTANT: Ideal properties for rapidly heating and cooling over a wide range of temperature without stress failure.


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