Molded Fused Quartz Products

Tanks: Pyromatics' PyroTanks, molded from high purity PyroQuartz, are ideal vessels for applications that require outstanding purity, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability.

Semiconductor Processing Equipment Components: Pyromatics covers for GEMINI epitaxial reactors feature seamless, one-piece construction with rounded corners and uniform wall thickness, making them a stronger, more durable and long-lived component.

Crucibles: High purity fused quartz Pyro220 crucibles are characterized by their transparency, high temperature strength, dimensional precision, and low bubble content, making them ideal for the Czorchralski process of growing single crystal ingots.

Calcining and Melting Vessels: PyroSil high temperature trays, crucibles, and dishes are designed with enhanced thermal and chemical stability, and have outstanding resistance to devitrification.

Labware: High purity fused quartz labware have very low trace element content which permits bacteriological, microbiological and other laboratory work to be run virtually free of vessel-source leaching contamination that can cause spurious test results and costly test reruns.

Molded Fiber Optics Processing Chambers: Pyromatics high purity fused quartz hemispheres are designed specifically for processing chambers used to produce (D)WDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) optical fiber preforms. 

Solar Products: Pyromatics’ fused quartz’ chemical inertness, remarkable resistance to thermal shock and high chemical purity are some of the properties that make it the perfect material for solar product applications.

Rings and Domes: Pyromatics manufactures high purity fused quartz semiconductor processing equipment components including, but not limited to coil covers for GEMINI epitaxial reactors, rings, domes, coil mounting plates, lower coil plates, base plates and coil support plates.

Quartz Blanks and Grinding Components: Not every design is capable of being manufactured using our patented molding manufacturing processes.  Pyromatics has therefore begun manufacturing and offering high purity opaque fused quartz grinding blank disks from which even the most intricate, detailed designs can be machined.

Discontinued Quartzware: From time to time, we find that we no longer have a need to continue manufacturing certain parts but still have a few of them in stock.  Please click the link to view the items currently available for sale in limited quantities. 












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