NitroSil® Bubbles

Compared to other forms of commercially available semiconductor grade opaque quartz, NitroSil has significantly smaller bubbles, has considerably more bubbles, and yet is of much higher density. This unique combination of bubble parameters gives NitroSil its superior properties over the other grades.

Comparison of NitroSil and other commercially available forms of semiconductor grade opaque quartz - 100X magnification

Nitrosil Bubbles Click to enlarge

NitroSil Bubble Structure 

Nitrosil Bubbles- Click to Enlarge

Opaque Ingot Bubble Structure

Grade Ave. Bubble Diameter (micrometers) # of Bubbles per mm2 Volume % of Bubbles % Theoretical Density
NitroSil 18.3 53.6 1.08 98.92
Other 77.7 17.6 8.86 91.14



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