NitrosilThe obvious choice for quartz is not always clear. In fact, once you’ve discovered NitroSil® opaque fused quartz from Pyromatics, you’ll choose it over other insulating materials. Here’s why: Because of its IR blocking capacity, NitroSil acts as a natural insulator when used in high temperature reaction chambers and diffusion furnaces, reducing infrared heat transmission to less than 1%. That gives you a consistent thermal profile, with minimum variance. More uniform heating with less heat loss means better process control with reported power savings of 15% and more.

NitroSil is moldable. That means we can shape it without machining and it contains no particulate or elemental contamination which makes it 99.998% pure. Because we can mold it, you get a more uniform and reliable component.

With NitroSil, you get higher purity and temperature resistance with lower infrared transfer and energy bills. Your choice for opaque fused quartz has never been clearer.

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