Molded PyroTanks™


Typically available in PyroQuartz. NitroSil or other material available by special request. Pyromatics' PyroTanks, molded from high purity PyroQuartz, are ideal vessels for semiconductor process applications. They are especially suited for wafer processing steps where freedom from ionic and particulate contamination is important. These steps include stripping, etching and cleaning. Other uses that take advantage of their outstanding purity, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and high quality include ultrasonic or megasonic baths and vapor dryer chambers. In all these applications, molded PyroTanks provide cost effective performance and life-time advantages over alternate materials and conventional welded-plate quartz tanks.

The monolithic, homogeneous microstructure of PyroTanks is a crucial performance advantage. Abrasive sawing of quartz plate from ingot creates sub-surface microstructural defects and inhomogeneities. In welded seams, localized inhomogeneities abound. Even low level stresses associated with these inhomogeneities cause localized stress-corrosion attack that leads to pitting, particle shedding, and loss of strength leading to short-term mechanical failure of welded-plate tanks.

The uniform rounded corner of molded PyroTanks provides easy cleaning and accommodates high mechanical loads. Special shaping capabilities allow molded-in drain wells and sloping bottoms to assure rapid and complete draining.

Flanges of various cross-sectional configurations Molded Flange material is also available and can be welded around the top edge of each tank to provide process chemical protection and mounting areas for heaters and controls. Stirring wells, drains, fill tubes, handles and other special features can be added to meet customer requirements. Scalloped edge tanks for overflow applications are available to your specification.

Custom sizes are available. FAX or e-mail us your specifications today and allow us to help reduce your operating cost.



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