Molded Fused Quartz Semiconductor Processing Equipment Components

Typically available in NitroSil. Other materials available by special request. Pyromatics manufactures high purity fused quartz semiconductor processing equipment components including, but not limited to coil covers for GEMINI epitaxial reactors, rings, domes, coil mounting plates, lower coil plates, base plates and coil support plates.  Our products are made by a patented molding process for greater strength and durability.  Unlike conventional quartz products that are fabricated with hand-welded corners, Pyromatics’ products feature seamless, one-piece construction with rounded corners and uniform wall thickness.  Molding eliminates welded seams that create areas of high stress susceptible to chipping, distortion and breakage.  The uniform wall thickness of Pyromatics’ products contributes to a stronger, more durable part, that has significantly longer life.

Coil CoversPyromatics semiconductor processing equipment components are made from NitroSil® by patented Pyromatics’ processes, resulting in superior heat shielding capabilities, high temperature stability, outstanding corrosion resistance, exceptional thermal shock resistance, uniform wall thickness, rounded corners and the absence of stress points.

Custom sizes are available. FAX or e-mail us your specifications today and allow us to help reduce your operating cost.


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