Cellular Fused Quartz: LD80™

The smaller bubble sizes, each averaging less than 20 mm, and the more uniform bubble distribution as seen below in the magnified photomicrographs, allow for superior performance in the minimization of heat transfer (by radiation or conduction) or the maximization of transmission of radio-frequency energy. Please click the thumbnails below as indicated for enlarged view, which opens in a new browser window.

Comparison of LD80™ and standard semiconductor grade
opaque quartz at 100X magnification

LD-80 Bubbles Click to enlarge

LD80™ Bubble Structure

LD-80 Bubbles - Click to Enlarge

Opaque Ingot Bubble Structure

Comparison of LD80TM and standard semiconductor grade
opaque quartz at 500X magnification

LD 80 Bubbles - Click to Enlarge
LD 80 Bubbles - Maximum Magnification

LD80TM Bubble Structure

Opaque Ingot Bubble Structure



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