Quartz Grinding Blanks and Machined Components


Grinding BlanksTypically available in LD80. Other materials available by special request.  Not every design is capable of being manufactured using our patented molding manufacturing processes.  Pyromatics has therefore begun manufacturing and offering high purity opaque fused quartz grinding blank disks from which even the most intricate, detailed designs can be machined.

These grinding blanks are offered in a variety of sizes from our LD80 material, which is a unique, high purity opaque fused quartz material containing microscopic bubbles that are engineered to a specific size and quantity. This novel grade retains many of the desirable properties of conventional fused quartz. At the same time, LD80 provides superior performance where heat transfer needs to be minimized or where the transmission of radio-frequency energy needs to be maximized. Subsequently, it is an optimal grade for applications where thermal management is critical, such as in semiconductor processing chambers.

Purchase the grinding blank as is and have your machine shop make your finished part, or e-mail us the specifications of your finished component today and allow us to have the component machined for you.



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