An egg is a marvelous example of nature’s engineering.  Its seamless one-piece construction is perfectly designed for purity and protection.

Pyromatics uses a patented process to create seamless, molded quartz vessels for the semiconductor industry.  Like the egg, Pyromatics’ monolithic design gives its vessels a high degree of strength and purity.

Unlike welded seam tanks, Pyromatics’ seamless quartz vessels are free from stress-corrosion that can lead to costly failures and breakage.  By eliminating welded seams that cause contamination, Pyromatics assures the purest environment for your wafer processing.  We believe that the only perfect weld is no weld at all.

Contact 1-440- 352-3500 or e-mail one of our engineers for technical support and ordering information.  Isn’t it time you started replacing your welded seam tanks with the world’s best engineered quartz vessels?



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